Eat to Live

That is what us that follow the Natural Flat Belly lifestyle do. We are in the minority.

The overwhelming majority do the very opposite: LIVE TO EAT!

If they EATING TO LIVE they would not be living at McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, all you can eat joints, Fat Buddies, etc.

These people usually HATE their J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) and their lives in general! Hey when you are a PRODUCTIVE serial entrepreneur like myself you barely even think of food! Why WASTE VALUABLE IRREPLACEABLE time feeding your face?

I have a long time client and dear friend who is a DECAMILLIONAIRE which means he has a NET WORTH of $10,000,000! Bob HATES to eat! He wants to find the most HEALTHY EFFICIENT way to eat! There are NOT enough hours in the day for this very successful businessman nominated for the Nobel Prize in Economics and a best selling author.

Do you THUNK there just might be a positive relationship between EATING TO LIVE and being WEALTHY?

Hugh Simpson

Get Off The Rider Mower!

If you look you usually see FAT OVERWEIGHT people using a RIDER MOWER! They are the VERY ones that need to get their FAT buts off of it! Get some EXERCISE!

I have a friend I have helped with mowing his 13 yards and I refuse to ride on that mower! I push it and even jog behind it and do ALL 13 yards in one day! And I am as old as those FAT OVERWEIGHT folks I see on RIDER MOWERS!

Also I HATE a yard blower! I think California even outlaw them! Another excuse for not raking and sweeping which becomes EXERCISE!

Hugh Simpson

Cleansing to Get Natural Flat Belly

I am in the process of CLEANSING myself by doing a prolonged LIQUID FAST. I am mostly using WATER to do it. I will admit I am NOT a fan of plain WATER. Therefore I have added NON SUGARED Kool Aid and also LEMON JUICE. I have learned years ago and Dr Oz confirmed that LEMON can help with the fast. I am trying to drink 64 ounces of WATER daily.

I also am drinking several cups of COFFEE daily as Mayo Clinic has determined that COFFEE can be valuable in our health care program. They actually said that you could drink up to FIVE cups daily! They have found it can help with heart related problems, diabetes, certain cancers and even dementia!

I have been on my current LIQUID FAST for less than 24 hours and already my colon is started to release IMPACTED FECAL MATTER. This IMPACTED FECEL MATTER can lead to SERIOUS health problems like COLON CANCER.

So I will keep you posted over the next 4-5 days of this procedure that can be VERY important to your NATURAL FLAT BELLY regime.

Hugh Simpson

Natural Flat Belly Tips 17

This information is taken directly from the American Diabetes Association web site:

The American Diabetes Association recommends that people should limit their intake of sugar-sweetened beverages to help prevent diabetes. Sugar-sweetened beverages include beverages like:

regular soda
fruit punch
fruit drinks
energy drinks
sports drinks
sweet tea
other sugary drinks.

These will raise blood glucose and can provide several hundred calories in just one serving!

See for yourself:

Just one 12-ounce can of regular soda has about 150 calories and 40 grams of carbohydrate. This is the same amount of carbohydrate in 10 teaspoons of sugar!

One cup of fruit punch and other sugary fruit drinks have about 100 calories (or more) and 30 grams of carbohydrate.

Also by avoiding these SUGAR filled beverages you are making it easier to get that Natural Flat Belly!

Hugh Simpson

Wakeup Call for Parents

I was watching an episode of one of my favorite TV programs – Extreme Makeover with Chris Powell. That guy is a MIRACLE worker!

He had an extremely OBESE woman on the show whose husband was the same. He said the following which if you LOVE your kids you will heed:

If one parent is OVERWEIGHT or OBESE there is a more than 50% chance the kid(s) will be. If both parents are OVERWEIGHT or OBESE the percentage then skyrockets to 85% plus!

So those idiots that were upset for my saying they were OBESE in those videos better think what is most likely to happen to their kid(s)!

Hugh Simpson

Natural Flat Belly Tips 16

WATER is another key ingredient to a Natural Flat Belly program. Many experts insist that WATER should be your PRINCIPAL beverage.

So how much WATER daily? At least EIGHT 8 ounce glasses. I am at odds with drinking anything with your meal. I think you should drink a glass of COLD WATER at least 30 minutes BEFORE each meal. Research has shown that by doing this you are more likely to eat LESS but still have that full feeling.

You can also drink your WATER after the meal. Why do you not need WATER during a meal? Because with our Natural Flat Belly program most of the food is already WATER based especially the fruits and veggies. Many of the meals have SALADS too.

The rest of the day you want to sip your WATER requirements. Definitely this may take some getting use to. I know it is still difficult for me.

One of the pluses of WATER is the rehydration of your SKIN which leads to one of the best ways to “youth” yourself or as most people consider this as ANTI-AGING. I hate the phrase ANTI-AGING! I long time replaced it with YOUTHING, which sounds more positive.

Sure I know that you are going to want your COFFEE but remember that CAFFEINE leads to DEHYDRATION and increase the ESTROGEN levels. Of course your COFFEE can be decaf along with TEAS.

The more you can eliminate SODAS the better off you are going to be. I did discover that Bartz Root Beer has NO CAFFEINE and I have really learned to like it.

I have always added LEMON to my WATER. I found that also cut the fat cells of the body in half. This also relieves symptoms of INDIGESTION and helps the bowels eliminate your waste more efficiently.

Also when you do not get enough WATER the liver has to do more work and FAT can’t be metabolized quickly and efficiently when the KIDNEYS are also helping as they are suppose to.

Now you see why WATER is so important to your Natural Flat Belly program.

Hugh Simpson

Natural Flat Belly Tips 15

I wanted to share with you the importance of SLEEP to your Natural Flat Belly. Yes SLEEP!

You need at least 7 and preferably 8 hours of QUALITY sleep for this to work. Why sleep?

Research has found that insufficient sleep can cause OBESITY due to effecting growth hormone secretions. When it decreases the chances for weight gain goes up! Also your blood pressure can increase due to interrupted sleep causing hyper tension and other cardiovascular problems. Insufficient sleep can impair the body’s ability to produce insulin leading to the onset of diabetes.

So now you see why INSUFFICIENT and INTERRUPTED sleep can be very detrimental to your Natural Flat Belly program.

The only solution for insufficient sleep is more sleep time! That time has to be 7-8 hours. You have to cut back on late night TV time, video game marathons and late night partying.

Interrupted sleep has increased due to the STRESS we experience. We have to find ways to de-STRESS like with MEDITATION that was mentioned in a previous post.

The environment you sleep in is very important. This should never be where you work! I like to read for a while before going to sleep as TV watching unless it is HGTV is usually not conducive to good sleep! For sure Friday 13th is not what you want to watch before sleeping!

You want to make sure the sleeping room is as DARK as you can make it. If you live in an urban area, you may need to have heavy curtains to make it dark enough. Ditto for urban noise.

So as you can see QUALITY UNINTERRUPTED sleep helps your Natural Flat Belly program.

Next post we will discuss how WATER is important to your Natural Flat Belly program.

Hugh Simpson

NBC News Report Shows I Am Right

I feel exonerated after seeing Dr. Nancy Snyderman of NBC News say that almost 20% of OBESE people like I showed in my videos will DIE earlier than expected! This rate is THREE times higher than had previously been expected! Again from REAL MEDICAL research over a number of years.

Also the HIGHEST rates are in the SOUTH in the USA like Macon County in North Carolina that has an OBESITY rate of 35.3% as reported in their own report entitled Healthy Carolinians.

Young people could take a lesson from 13 year old Marshall in that report! Marshall realized he had a problem and along with his Mom began to do something about it! Kudos to Marshall!

Hugh Simpson

Natural Flat Belly Tips 14

STRESS can derail your Natural Flat Belly program. It can add to Estrogen Dominance.

So what do you do? I recommend MEDITATION and so do many physicians like my friend Dr. Oz.

MEDITATION does not need to be difficult. Here is a simple program I learned from my EST teacher and the co-founder, Bill Thaw. He called it Color Zen Meditation.

You are going to close your eyes and take several deep breaths. You are welcome to use a soft soothing piece of music so long as there is no singing.

First you need to visualize with your eyes closed the color RED. I find it helpful to visualize a RED apple. Next you are going to visualize the color ORANGE and or an orange. Next comes YELLOW and or a lemon. Next comes GREEN and of GREEN grapes.

I have actually fallen asleep before reaching any more colors!

Next comes the color BLUE and or blueberries. Next comes PURPLE and or PURPLE grapes. Next comes color VIOLET and or a violet since I could not think of a fruit.

Finally you need to visualize a pure WHITE light and by now you should be totally relaxed and unstressed.

The more you practice this form or any other form of MEDITATION the less STRESS you are going to experience.

Well now you have my program for a Natural Flat Belly. I would love to hear how you are progressing.

I will be experimenting with Bobby Hines new piece of fitness equipment called a PowerWalker. I will update you also on any new ideas I hear about that could help speed up your Natural Flat Belly!

Hugh Simpson

Natural Flat Belly Tips 13

Even if you follow everything I have suggested in the previous posts to get you Natural Flat Belly you may need some help with PROGESTERONE.

You see as we age we decrease our production of PROGESTERONE levels. However you must be VERY careful NOT to use SYNTHETIC hormone therapy. Instead you want to use only BIO-IDENTICAL PROGESTERONE.

Here are some benefits from using BIO-IDENTICAL PROGESTERONE:

#Protection from cancer.

#Cardiac health

#Osteoporosis prevention

#PMS relief

#Improved memory and moods

This BIO-IDENTICAL PROGESTERONE helps both women and men. The CREAM form is very easy to use.

However before you use any form of BIO-IDENTICAL PROGESTERONE make sure you check with your health professional.

Now you should be on your way to having a Natural Flat Belly program you can use for the rest of your life.

Remember my NO COST report is available here at

Next post we are going to look at how STRESS effects your success with this program.

Hugh Simpson